Discover AT Movers in Washington, DC for all your box-moving requirements. Select from a variety of box sizes, available for both purchase and rent. Buy or rent moving boxes DC with us for a smooth move. We offer cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Where to Buy Moving Boxes in Washington DC

For moving boxes in DC, consider these options:

SourcePrice RangeAssortmentConvenienceNote
Local Stores$1 – $5Standard sizesImmediate availability, delivery optionsExamples: Home Depot, Lowe’s
Online Retailers$2 – $10Wide varietyDelivery optionsExample: Amazon
Local Movers$4.50 – $60Specialty, protection & eco-friendly optionsDelivery to your home or pickupLocal companies like AT Movers offer quality and sustainable choices
Comparison of Moving Box Options in Washington DC

Choose based on your budget, required box types, and eco-friendly preferences in Washington DC.

Why Quality Matters in Moving Boxes

  • Durability: Quality boxes withstand the stress of moving, protecting against tears and collapse.
  • Protection: Superior materials shield items from impact and environmental factors.
  • Load Capacity: Strong boxes safely carry heavier loads without breaking.
  • Longevity: High-quality boxes can be reused, offering long-term value.

AT Movers’ Boxes:

  • Material: We use high-grade, durable cardboard.
  • Design: Our boxes are designed for maximum protection and space efficiency.
  • Variety: We offer specialized boxes with protective features for fragile items.
  • Sustainability: Our boxes are made from recyclable materials, balancing quality with environmental responsibility.

Also from us you can buy not only boxes, but all other items necessary for a safe move. Read more on our packing service page.

The Benefits of Renting vs. Buying Moving Boxes

Rent moving boxes DC advantages:

  • Cost-Effective: More budget-friendly for short-duration use.
  • Eco-Friendly: Promotes sustainability through box reuse.
  • Space-Saving: Eliminates the need to store empty boxes post-move.

Buy moving boxes DC advantages:

  • Access to Specialized Options: Provides specialized boxes, like those for TVs, at a lower cost than purchasing.
  • LongTerm Utility: Ideal for prolonged use and post-move storage.

AT Movers in Washington DC caters to both needs, offering the choice to rent or buy according to your specific moving requirements.

AT Movers’ Box Options and Pricing

AT Movers offers a variety of moving boxes in DC, combining affordability with quality:

Box TypePriceIdeal UseDescription
Small Box$ 4.50Ideal for heavy items like books and tools.Compact and sturdy
Medium Box$ 5.50Perfect for general household items.Versatile for various items
Large Box$ 6.50Suitable for bulky items like linens and pillows.Spacious for larger items
Mirror/Picture Box$ 10.00Designed for fragile items like mirrors and artwork.Custom-designed for protection
TV Box$ 40.00Protects your valuable flat-screen TVs during the move.Secure for electronics
Wardrobe Box$ 60.00Keeps clothes neat and wrinkle-free.Includes hanging option
Commercial Box$ 20.00For larger loads and commercial moving needs.Durable for heavy-duty needs
AT Movers Box Options Table

Eco-Friendly Moving Solutions

The ecological footprint of moving boxes is notable. Many standard cardboard boxes contribute to landfill waste. AT Movers mitigates this issue with green initiatives:

  • Recycling-Focused Materials: Our boxes, crafted from recyclable components, diminish ecological harm.
  • Reusability: Offering rental options, including specialized boxes, encourages repeated use, reducing waste.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Our business practices prioritize environmental sustainability in operations and supply chains.

Opting for AT Movers in Washington DC means supporting environmentally conscious moving solutions, helping to decrease the ecological impact of your relocation.

Custom Solutions

Understanding the distinct nature of each move, AT Movers provides personalized moving solutions in Washington DC:

  • Custom Box Sizes: Catering to all needs with a variety of box sizes, perfect for items from the ordinary to the unusually large.
  • Specialty Boxes: Our selection includes boxes specifically designed for fragile items like mirrors, pictures, and TVs.
  • Flexible Services: We customize our services for moves of all scales, from compact apartment relocations to extensive commercial transfers.
  • Consultation and Planning: Our team offers dedicated consultations to devise the most effective moving strategy tailored to your specific needs.

AT Movers ensures that every facet of your move receives the necessary attention and care, perfectly aligning with your unique moving requirements.

Expertise and Reliability of AT Movers

Renowned in the moving sector, AT Movers has built a reputation for expertise and trustworthiness over many years in Washington DC. Our seasoned team, comprised of adept professionals, is committed to delivering an unmatched moving experience. We manage every detail of your move with exceptional care and accuracy, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free relocation for our clients.

Joohee Lee, AT Movers customer. Google Review

Art and Andrew introduced themselves and made the move feel like a group effort. At the end, when I was about to give up and leave the full fridge for another day, he offered to get this done and came on with expertly taped boxes and proceeded to put in the contents of a fridge rapidly. We got done in 90 minutes for what was scheduled as 2 hours. Then unloading was also very orderly. I think this is the first time that I felt hopeful after a move rather than despair about the settling in process. Thank you guys! You will be hearing from me again!

How to Order Your Moving Boxes from AT Movers

Getting your moving boxes from AT Movers is straightforward and user-friendly. Just follow these steps to begin:

  • Select Your Boxes: Explore our variety of box sizes and types to choose the ideal ones for your move.
  • Reach Out: Call us at (240) 701-5507 for a discussion about your requirements and professional guidance.
  • Confirm Your Order: Finalize your choice of boxes and decide whether to rent or purchase, all via phone.
  • Online Form Option: For more convenience, fill out our online order form, where you can detail your box needs and choose a delivery date. Please, choose a packing service to buy boxes!
  • Delivery or Collection: Opt for having your boxes delivered or pick them up from our Washington DC location.

Or Use Our Moving Cost Calculator

After you fill out the form, we will get back to you quickly. Please, choose a packing service to buy boxes!

AT Movers is dedicated to simplifying your moving experience with high-quality boxes and tailored services. Contact us today to arrange your moving boxes in DC!


Right boxes are vital — they protect your items and ease the move. AT Movers in Washington DC offers quality moving boxes DC in various sizes and types, along with eco-friendly and customizable options. We focus on customer satisfaction, with rental and purchase choices to fit your needs. Trust us for a stress-free move with reliable, expert service.