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Choose AT Movers for a move as memorable as the Windy City itself. Our deep expertise, 3 years of hands-on experience, and a team of professional movers enable us to provide our clients with a smooth and worry-free relocation process. Our track record of successful long-distance moves demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality service. We already have experience helping people move from DC to Chicago so you can trust us.

About Chicago

Chicago is a vibrant city that offers a diverse range of experiences. Whether you’re drawn to Chicago by its towering skyscrapers, the cultural tapestry constructed into its urban fabric, or the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, moving here will open up a new chapter of urban life. With AT Movers, your move to a city known for its architectural wonders, deep-dish pizza, and vibrant arts scene will be as smooth and energizing as the city itself.

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Expert Services for Moving to Chicago from DC

AT Movers stands out with exceptional dedication when it comes to premier and streamlined moving services from Washington, DC to Chicago. Whether you’re moving your home or business, our movers perform well at making a smooth relocation. Recognizing the importance of financial planning, we provide precise estimates for your long-distance move, as well as a variety of packing and storage solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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Our Moving Process

Streamlined Moving Process: Movers From Washington DC To Chicago

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Planning and Preparation

Moving from Washington, DC to Chicago requires careful preparation and accuracy. AT Movers, an acclaimed long-distance mover from DC to Chicago, customizes the moving process to your specific requirements. We assess the volume of your belongings and provide a clear estimate, ensuring you understand the costs of relocating from Washington, DC to Chicago. We also protect your belongings with comprehensive moving insurance options for a stress-free move.

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Packing and Loading

AT Movers, a reputable professional moving company, prioritizes the safety of your belongings by utilizing packing materials for your move from Washington, DC to Chicago. Our team carefully prepares and loads your belongings onto our trucks, ensuring that they are secure and ready for transport from Washington, DC to Chicago.

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Transportation and Delivery

For the transportation of your valuables, rely on our experienced DC to Chicago moving team and our well-maintained fleet. We prioritize punctuality and efficiency, ensuring a smooth transition from Washington, DC to your new Chicago home.

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Affordable And Reliable Moving Services

Moving SizePriceDelivery Timeframe
Room or Less/Studiofrom 45002 Days
1/2 Bedroom Aptfrom 5500
4+ Bedroom Aptfrom 7000

The cost of relocating from Washington, DC to Chicago is influenced by a number of factors. The distance between Chicago and Washington, DC is an important consideration, and the cost may reflect this. The size and weight of your shipment are also important; larger or heavier loads necessitate more transportation resources, which affects the price. The complexity of the move is important, especially if you have items that require special care or complex logistics. Seasonality can also have an impact on pricing, with peak moving times frequently commanding higher rates due to increased demand. Finally, any additional services you choose, such as professional packing and unpacking, will be reflected in the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving from Washington, DC to Chicago can be expensive depending on the volume of items being moved, the specific services required, and the timing of the move. The table on this page shows approximate prices; you can learn more about our pricing on the pricing page or leave a quote to get an exact price.

Living in Chicago is generally cheaper than in Washington, DC [1]. The overall cost of living in Chicago is lower by ranges of 17.3% to 30.4% less than in DC. This includes significantly lower housing costs in Chicago, with Washington’s housing costs being up to 132.0% more expensive. However, employers in Chicago typically pay about 5.2% to 5.5% less than those in Washington, DC, and sales taxes are approximately 70.83% higher in Chicago​.

Yes, AT Movers offers comprehensive insurance options to protect your belongings during the move from DC to Chicago, giving you peace of mind.

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